Your Senior Year. Make It Memorable.

Ahhh, your senior year. This incredible spot in time- the space right here on the edge between the days of your childhood and the days when your adulthood begins- is one that you'll treasure forever. It's a joy to celebrate with you and create a whole experience to cherish this milestone.

Every girl (or should I say, young woman?) deserves to have amazing photos of herself, especially to commemorate such an important milestone in her life. Expect to be treated more like a friend than a client, to have a blast planning your customized session, to laugh as we hop from location to location, and to literally gasp outloud when you take a look at your gallery of images and see with your own eyes how very beautiful you are.

You're only a senior once. Be ready for an incredible experience that celebrates who you are and where you're heading.

I can't wait to meet you. xo

Timeless and Carefree Senior Portraiture

a portrait experience designed to leave you feeling beautiful on the inside and out

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